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Since 1999, Children of Chaos has been providing support, shelter, food, clothing, financial aid, love and comfort to children around the world whose lives have been tragically altered by tragedy, disaster, war, strife, famine, disease or other causes beyond their control. Ours is not a quest driven by ideological influences - they are of no importance to a child who is starving or whose parents have just been killed while they watched in horror or whose home has disappeared under a wall of water. After looking at the pages of this site, if the images and words you see and read here touch your heart - for the sake of precious children EVERYWHERE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Let your conscience and your heart guide your actions. You may be a child's only hope.

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  • Update - January 2006

    The last twelve months have been the most momentuous and defining in the history of Children of Chaos. As you are surely aware, events in the world presented us with numerous new and vivid opportunities to extend love and care to children around the world.

    Actually, these chages began on Dec. 26, 2004, when an earthquake off the coast of Sumartra inundated regions of Indonesia and Sri Lanka under a wall of water killing untold thousands of people. It also orphaned thousands of childrn and eliminatd the incomes of the parents of thousands more.

    Despite this disaster being within the scope of our chartered goal, Children of Chaos was not in a position to be of immediate assistance in this crisis. In the previous months of 2003-2004, most of our efforts had been directed toward literacy issues and sheltered care for victims of domestic violence in the United States.

    However, from this crisis sprung an awakening. Based on the noteriety of our efforts, early in 2005, we were blessed to receive the sponsorship of a large world class organization, Global Publishing, Inc. This company, whose focus is on Real Estate Investment education, stepped in to sponsor our efforts by making Children of Chaos their designated charitable organization.

    Through the efforts of Global's officers, Ron LeGrand, Vicki Session and Danielle Duce, as well as their employees and most of all, their students, over $100K was raised via auctions and donations in 2006. In addition, hundreds of bags of clothing, toys, vital supplies and other items were received and subsequently distributed throughout the rest of the year.

    This was quite timely because as stated above, unfortunately 2005 presented us with numerous opportunities to step in and help. The most obvious of these was Hurricane Katrina, which, on August 29th of 2005, put almost the entire City of New Orleans, Louisiana under water, killing many and and immediately making many thousands of people homeless. Sadly, this is a condition that contines to plague this once vibrant city. Even though the flood waters are gone - so are the homes. However, this time, Children of Chaos was there and made a difference immediately.

    On the 2nd of September, we sent hundreds of pairs of shoes to to our dedicated representative on the ground in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for immediate distribution. Even as the flood waters continued to rise, we were in full response mode.

    Since then, we have continued to make multiple shipments and deliveries of goods to the shelters for the homeless and needy, not only in New Orleans, but Houston, TX and Charlotte, NC. We are extending the love and concern of those who support our efforts to those who need it most. Thanks to everyone who's made such a difference in the lives of these children and families.

  • Update - January 2002

    Since January 2000 our organization has donated clothing, shoes, medical supplies and equipment and money to children's groups in Venezuela, India, Ecuador and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

    The funds we sent to India bought a generator for an orphanage in the Forest area of southern India after a deadly earthquake left many thousands of people homeless.

    After the earthquake in Venezuela we sent infant and baby diapers, First Aid supplies, water and ... << More Info >>

  • Thanks To All Who Helped !!!!

    Our first annual fall clothing collection drive was a wonderful success. The truck was loaded yesterday (12/22/1999) and is now on its way to meet the plane that will airlift the goods immediately to where they are needed most desperately. Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated and helped.

    The truck loading will soon be featured in Florida Today and we hope to have a copy of their mention here for viewing. May the blessings of Christmas be with you and yours this holiday season and if you want to do something extra special, drop a check in the mail to us which will help to support our efforts.

    Please go to the [ HOW CAN I HELP ] page for details on contributing. The children, whose voices you may never hear, thank you from their hearts.

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